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About Us

Who makes all the Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows?


Maura and Devene have been friends since they first met as freshman in theater class at Troy Athens High School, many years ago! Through the last few decades they have survived marching band trips, rooming together at Michigan State University, weddings, working together (at someone else's company as well as now their own), performing in community theatre and completeing a half marathon at Walt Disney World.


Maura is the Lollipop Master. She loves creating unique pieces that taste as fun as they look!


Devene is the Maker of the Bows. Her first bow came about by accident when she was trying to create a costume for her son for a show they were in.


They discovered these little touches of magic could really brighten up an ordinary day so they came together to spread the every day joy their products create.

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